#SmallBusinessShowcase – Lovely Layers Cakery


Happy Tuesday, I hope you enjoyed your three day weekend!  We had plans to go out of town, but California is all sorts of flooded right now and most of our main roads out are closed so we weren’t able to leave.  Which is insane because one of them is a main Interstate!  They actually had to evacuate some people from nearby towns into Chico because there was so much rain and riverbanks were overflowing.  It’s been a crazy week, for sure.  I missed a blog post (or two) due to being sick, but we’re back in business now and I’m feeling a ton better.  If you’re new to the SBS, each week I pick a place I haven’t been before in my hometown of Chico, CA and give an honest review of my experience.  This week was Lovely Layers Cakery and it absolutely did not disappoint!


When you first get there you’re kind of thinking “What the heck?”  The store is tucked away in an industrial area and right next to a feed store – only in Chico!  You would never know it’s there except for the cutest pink sign ever.


I am totally OBSESSED with this sign and want one for my house.  Even the parking spot bumpers are painted pink!  Then you step inside and you feel like you’ve been transported into a farmhouse decorated by the most girly girl you can ever imagine.  There are so many adorable things I can’t even describe so I tried to take a ton of pictures.  There were chandeliers and paper umbrellas in pastel colors hanging upside down from the ceiling, and little signs with sayings everywhere.  I had the strawberry S’more cupcake (which sounded a little strange at first but was absolutely delicious) and a caramel macchiato, which was perfection.  I feel like I’m weird in that I have a horrible sweet tooth, but don’t like my coffee really sweet.  Is anyone else like that?  And Jonathan of course had a snickerdoodle cupcake because if that’s an option he won’t have anything else – he is snickerdoodle obsessed ha ha.






Sweater: old, similar here and here / Jeans: AG – my favs! / Boots: local boutique, but I found on Amazon here


Earrings: Fred Meyer / Lashes: Alyson at Salon Diamond / Lipstick: Arbonne “Rose”


Taking outside photos has been challenging with the weather, I don’t know how all you bloggers do it who live in places where it rains all the time.  We had a break in the rain so I dashed outside really quick to take a couple of pics, but they’re not very good.  I feel like this winter has dragged on forever and I can’t wait for warmer temperatures.  This high-neck sweater has been one of my favorites lately because it’s thin and can be layered easily over a tank if you need a little extra warmth, or as a base layer without getting too bulky!  Mine is from TJ Maxx, but I linked a similar style here (in multiple colors, and on sale for less than $40!) and here, the tie sleeves on this one are SO cute!  I hope everyone is staying dry and having a great week so far!!




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