My Winter Workouts

A lot of people have been telling me lately that I look great, thank you SO SO much! – and asking me what I’m doing – so I figured I’d share my current workout routine with y’all.  It’s pretty simple right now, three days a week I train with my trainer Katrina (Instagram: @thearmorykat) with heavy weights. We are always switching up our programs, from Duel, which uses a partner to assist or go against you, to the Arnold program which is lots and lots of reps at a slightly lighter weight, but still heavy. She is so amazing, I’m forever grateful I found her. And I’ve never felt so strong!


L/S Shirt: Forever 21

The rest of the days of the week I usually end up taking about an hour long walk with the dog and the stroller. I’ve been wanting to get back into running, but with Jonathan working such a crazy schedule lately it’s hard to get any time to myself! On the weekends we’ll go on a hike together with Riley and Copper, with the Sierra Nevada foothills nearby we have SO many great places to go explore.


I’ve never been too worried about what I wear while working out, see the above picture for proof. 🙈  Don’t get me wrong, I love looking cute, and it’s something I’m working on, because having a new outfit that shows off all your hard work definitely puts a pep in your step! But a lot of the time I end up a sweaty mess, so I prefer comfort and function over style, for sure. Props to all of you who can look like models even while working out, I am not that girl.  In fact, I get so red when I run that I’ve had people pull over to ask if I’m ok.  True story.  A brand I’ve totally fallen in love with lately is Zella. I recently discovered them and if you haven’t tried them, you need to!  They have fantastic leggings/yoga pants that aren’t see through, and have that perfect stretch to make your butt look fantastic.  If my wallet (and husband) would let me buy all new workout gear from Zella I would be a happy girl. 😍😍😍


Top: old, similar here (comes in 14 colors!) / Cropped leggings: Fabletics, here to sign up or similar here and here / Nike sneakers / Oakley sunglasses: similar here



One thing that’s non-negotiable for me is good shoes. Mine are Nike Flex, which are perfect for both working out or just running around town. I love how Nike always has the cutest color combinations -I have trouble deciding which pair to get!  These babies fit snug, so I actually went up a full size, but if you aren’t going to be running a half size would probably do. I think I need a second pair in the light grey/white combo!

That’s it for winter, I tend to be a homebody and even though it doesn’t get all that cold in California, I HATE being cold!!  What do you all do to switch up your winter workouts?  Leave me a comment below!




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