Time vs Money, is it really worth it?


One of my favorite “Woodenisms” and a lesson it took me far too long to learn.

All my adult life, and especially from 25-30, I thought it was completely normal to sell yourself to your job. Being called on the off-hours, working nights and weekends and holidays made me feel miserable, but important. One day I asked one of the most successful people in my company Jim what it would take to get where he was, and his honest response changed my life.
He told me “80 hours a week.”  In my naiveté I asked “For how long?” And he answered back, “Always.”

Jim appeared to have everything, but in reality was intensely lonely. Divorced and living alone with his dog, he had no close friends or social life. All he did was work, for a company that would have missed his experience or contributions for awhile and then replaced him.

I believe in hard work for something impactful or that betters people’s lives, but I decided to never again sacrifice the things that are IMPORTANT simply to have a job and an income. I’ve been talked to by various employers since about my “bad attitude,” and even fired, all because I refuse to make work my #1 priority.
What’s important to me is spending time with my husband and soon-to-be-born son, being active and hikes in the park and trips to the lake. Friends and family and living the life I design. I am so blessed that I found Arbonne, which is allowing me to live out my values while still changing lives, and I have never been happier!
If my earlier story sounds familiar, if you live for the weekend or don’t even get a weekend, then we should talk. Your list of non-negotiables might be very different than mine, but I’ve seen how Arbonne can make even the craziest seeming dreams possible!

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